EnergyCan provides highly secure emergency backup power for schools, government offices, banks, and other public institutions or small businesses. Whether it’s powering conference displays, office appliances, network equipment, or data servers, EnergyCan ensures continuous power for all your critical devices. Our exclusive 0 downtime UPS technology guarantees a reliable and continuous power supply during unexpected outages, safeguarding your essential operations.

Key Benefits

0 Downtime Assurance

Experience uninterrupted power with our unique UPS technology, featuring dual inverters for seamless power switching during blackouts, achieving true 0ms downtime. Ensure the safety and stability of critical office equipment with a reliable and continuous power supply.

Plug & Play

Featuring our innovative TopologyIQ technology, this system offers simplified installations with plug-and-play ease and instantaneous power outage protection. The patented quick assembly/disassembly design simplifies setup and maneuverability, allowing adjustments to meet the varying needs of different departments and power scenarios.

Noise and pollution free

Create the best experience for the staffs, free from the noise and pollution of traditional combustion generators.



  • First truly modular & wheelable power station.
  • Battery expandable from 2kWh to 100kWh.
  • AC output expandable from 2.2kW to 11kW.
  • Recharging from 0 to 80% within 1 hour.
  • Battery 3500+ charge cycles.
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