Our compact and powerful battery systems ensure silent uninterrupted power on set, allowing filmmakers to focus on their craft without the limitations of conventional power sources.

Key Benefits

No Cabling Required

Eliminate the hassle of laying cables. EnergyCan revolutionizes your set by bringing the power source directly to you, ensuring a clutter-free workspace without tangled wires.

Better off-grid

Equipped with an Off-Road Mobile Chassis made from aluminum and integrated with four 4" rubber wheels, EnergyCan enables your team to reach any remote location effortlessly. With a powerful 4.4kW output, it provides all the energy needed for charging devices, powering light rigs, and operating cranes.

Silent Operation

Focus on your story without distractions. EnergyCan ensures your film set remains free from the background noise of traditional combustion generators, allowing your production to shine.

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  • First truly modular & wheelable power station.
  • Battery expandable from 2kWh to 109kWh.
  • AC output expandable from 2.2kW to 11kW.
  • Recharging from 0 to 80% within 1 hour.
  • Battery 6500+ charge cycles, 5-Year warranty.
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