2.1-100kWh & 2.2-11kW

Modular Power Station

220W or 400W

Flexible Solar Panel

Modular Solutions

2.1-100 kWh Capacity & 2.2-11 kW Output


Make Clean Power Everywhere

Power Stations


A modular and effortlessly adaptable energy storage system tailored for your home, RV, EV, and beyond. With customizable configurations and advanced features capable of managing various situations, EnergyCan is the ultimate embodiment of modularity. Using the innovative TopologyIQ technology, EnergyCan pioneers the expansion of inverters, making it an ideal energy source for any setting.

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Solar Panels


Solar panels on the market are either too heavy to carry or suffer from high power loss during use. By utilizing our revolutionary Para-aramid Fiber process, we have created the industry's lightest, most flexible, and most durable portable solar panels, bringing a new generation of user experience to consumers.

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